CCO® Certification Simplified

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Preparatory Courses for CCO Certification:

  • CCO Mobile Crane Operator

    CCO Mobile Crane Operator

  • CCO Fast Track

    CCO Fast Track (Refresher) Mobile Crane Operator

  • CCO Articulating Boom Crane Operator

    CCO Articulating Boom Crane Operator

  • CCO Overhead Crane Operator

    CCO Overhead Crane Operator

  • CCO Rigger Level I

    CCO Rigger Level I

  • CCO Rigger Level II

    CCO Rigger Level II

  • CCO Signalperson

    CCO Signalperson

  • CCO Service Truck Crane Operator

    CCO Service Truck Crane Operator

  • CCO Lift Director

    CCO Lift Director

  • CCO Mobile Crane Inspector

    CCO Mobile Crane Inspector Program

  • CCO Overhead Crane Inspector

    CCO Overhead Crane Inspector

  • CCO fixed cab crane certification prep

    CCO® Fixed Cab Crane Certification Prep

NCCCO Certification

Does your team need NCCCO certification training to be compliant when operating load-handling equipment? Our subject matter experts prepare your team to successfully achieve CCO certification so they can perform your lifting operations in compliance with industry-leading safety standards.


The Benefits of CCO Training

NCCCO certifications are accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB), meeting the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certification requirement for crane operators in construction. 

Along with meeting OSHA requirements, CCO certification provides reduced risk of loss, fewer accidents, and more consistent training for the lifting industry. When employees who work in and around load-handling equipment are adequately trained and certified, companies experience reduced risk of injury, property damage, and operational downtime.


All-Inclusive NCCCO Certification Training

At CICB, we provide all the services you need in one place:

Expert training: Our subject matter experts are experienced and CCO-certified in the subjects they teach to provide your workforce with high-quality training.
Full-time trainers: Your team requires top-quality training every time. CICB only utilizes full-time instructors and avoids subcontracting trainers to provide consistent, world-class education.
Online testing: Our training facilities are equipped with NCCCO-compliant online testing rooms to offer a seamless online testing experience.
Practical exams: Our examiners and test sites comply with the latest CCO requirements to provide practical exams. Our large team of SMEs gives you the flexibility to schedule practical exams at the beginning or end of your training program. 
One point of contact: Organizing a team for NCCCO certification training can be challenging. At CICB, you have a designated account manager to assist you every step of the way. From creating a training strategy relevant to your needs to making sure your CCO paperwork is submitted, they are dedicated to simplifying this process. Contact us to connect with an account manager.

Who NCCCO Training Programs Are for

NCCCO operator programs are intended for experienced operators who have experience and familiarity with the specialty they are preparing for before entering a CCO program. These programs teach the advanced materials needed to pass their required CCO exams.

For less experienced operators, taking the associated CICB operator training programs is recommended before applying for specialty certification programs. These programs teach the fundamentals students must know when entering a CCO prep program. If you need help determining where to start, contact us for assistance with developing an effective education plan. 

For individuals without experience in the crane and lifting industry, we recommend beginning with the CCO rigger level 1 and signalperson program. Most experienced crane operators start below the hook, learning rigging fundamentals through formal training and on-the-job experience before entering an operator cab.


Contact Us Today for Expert CCO Training

Prepare your workforce to get NCCCO certified the easy way. At CICB, you get everything you need in one location. Contact us today to develop a training plan tailored to your needs.

“I took the one-week Crane Operator course at Orlando. The program was run very well ... As I run the crane today, I still think about things he showed me in the training. I would recommend this course to anyone.”

Tom C. - Local 7 Plumbers and Steamfitters

Partner with the Industry Leader


  • CICB's NCCCO certification training 1

    CCO Commissioner

    CICB's NCCCO certification training 1

    John O'Connor is CICB's Houston Office General Manager and Career School Director and serves as an NCCCO Commissioner

  • CICB's NCCCO certification training 2

    CCO Certified

    CICB's NCCCO certification training 2

    CICB's instructors are CCO certified in the subject matters they teach and accredited as CCO Practical Examiners.

  • CICB's NCCCO certification training 3

    CCO Spanish Developer

    CICB's NCCCO certification training 3

    CICB has partnered exclusively with the NCCCO since 2003. We were a major contributor in the development of Spanish testing during the pilot program phase.