CCO Signalperson

Training Highlights

  • Length: Two Days
  • Regulations: Meets applicable OSHA & ANSI/ASME standards (see below)
Location Enrollment Start Date End Date
Orlando, FL Open 08/08/2024 08/09/2024
Houston, TX Open 08/08/2024 08/09/2024
Houston, TX Open 09/26/2024 09/27/2024
Orlando, FL Open 10/03/2024 10/04/2024
Houston, TX Open 11/07/2024 11/08/2024
Orlando, FL Open 11/21/2024 11/22/2024
Houston, TX Open 12/19/2024 12/20/2024
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Crane Signalperson Training

CICB's CCO Signalperson Certification Prep Training prepares candidates to pass their written and practical exams successfully. Students experience an interactive classroom setting with certified instructors, additional study materials, and hands-on exercises to review all the topics tested during the signalperson certification exams.

Certified Signalperson Training

Certified signalperson training involves several elements, and CICB has the necessary expertise to prepare students. Our knowledgeable instructors use their experience to assess which areas students could improve, providing the essential knowledge to excel on their exams. During our two-day signalperson training courses, we cover the following areas:

  • Domain 1 – Hand Signals 
  • Domain 2 – Voice Communications
  • Domain 3 – Basic Knowledge of Crane Operations 
  • Domain 4 – Situational Awareness (Site-Specific Considerations)
  • Domain 5 – Safety Standards and Regulations

Signalperson Certification Requirements

There are many training and compliance regulations and standards set for signalpersons by OSHA and ASME. They must know the various communications and signals to use, which vary per equipment, as specified in the 29 CFR Subpart CC. They should also understand each machine's uses and limitations, particularly regarding crane dynamics, to avoid commands that can overload the system.

CICB's certification prep training covers the necessary regulations and standards applicants must know to successfully pass their written and practical exams.

CICB Is Your Trusted Partner

Your team requires accurate information to establish a safe, compliant, and efficient workplace. At CICB, we understand these challenges and work diligently to design and develop high-level training courses to propel your team toward success.

Our subject matter experts have worked with all kinds of industry professionals, sharpening their skills to offer hands-on training that drives compliance and boosts site-wide safety. We've provided value to our customers for more than 50 years, committing ourselves to helping crane and rigging professionals obtain the peace of mind they deserve.

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