Inspector Resources

Resources designed to aid in your inspection processes.

Mobile Crane Inspection Checklists


Mobile cranes require regular inspections to ensure they are in working order, avoid accidents, and maintain compliance. We offer supplementary resources for mobile crane inspections. Receive a PDF containing our mobile crane monthly checklist, rope & hook checklist, and mobile crane pre-operational checklist. These resources are designed for CICB's Mobile Crane and Rigging Inspector course students. They are not a replacement for any formal training.

Overhead Crane Inspection Checklists


Overhead cranes, widely used across many industries, require regular inspections to prevent potential accidents and ensure operational efficiency. To aid in this, we offer supplementary resources for overhead crane inspectors. Request a PDF containing our overhead crane and hoist monthly checklist, rope & hook checklist, and overhead crane and hoist pre-operational checklist. These are designed to be used in conjunction with CICB's Overhead Crane/Hoist & Rigging Inspector course and are not a replacement for formal training.