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  • Guarantee OSHA compliance
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We believe everyone in the industry deserves access to expert-level training and consultation

To be safe, certified and compliant in the crane, rigging, and heavy lifting industry you have to know a lot and do a lot. We get it.

After half a century in business, we’ve worked in all 50 states and on 4 continents. We’ve helped more than 101,000 individuals and 11,000 companies avoid costly errors through our customized education, hands-on training and expert safety support that results in confidence and credibility.

With your assistance and professionalism ... we thank you that we were properly and successfully trained, so well that we passed the exams to be nationally certified by NCCCO. I feel that [this] will lower our near misses, accidents, injuries and our insurance premiums. We appreciate the professionalism, flexibility, and one-on-one attention in your classroom and crane practice training and exams. I have recommended your company to my co-workers.

J.L. - United Airlines

Featured Classes

  • Featured image of the class - CCO Mobile Crane Operator

    CCO Mobile Crane Operator

  • Featured image of the class - CICB Rigger Class B

    CICB Rigger Class B

  • Featured image of the class - Overhead Crane/Hoist Operator & Rigger

    Overhead Crane/Hoist Operator & Rigger

Featured Services

  • CICB Operational Supervision

    Operational Supervision

    CICB Operational Supervision

    Global deployment of an expert team to oversee procedures and ratify their execution.

  • CICB Compliance Evaluations

    Compliance Evaluations

    CICB Compliance Evaluations

    Align your lifting program with regulatory mandates and industry best practice.

  • CICB Personnel Evaluations

    Personnel Evaluations

    CICB Personnel Evaluations

    Guarantee OSHA compliance through independent evaluation of personnel.

  • CICB Legal Support

    Legal Support

    CICB Legal Support

    Engage subject-matter expert help when intervention is required post-accident.


CICB - Meet OSHA Requirements

Meet OSHA Requirements

Guarantee your policies, procedures,  paperwork, platforms and personnel meet OSHA regulations, ANSI standards and your company policy.


CICB - save lives

Eliminate incidents, injuries and fatalities

Enhance the practical skills and industry knowledge of your core personnel and management.


CICB - reduce avoidable expenses

Reduce avoidable expenses

Dramatically lower the risk of damaging your lifting equipment, protect your loads, decrease insurance premiums, reduce turnaround times, and limit lost workdays.

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