Equipment Inspections

Properly maintained cranes are essential for safe and productive operations

Inspections are critical factors in reduced maintenance costs and extended equipment life. Operators and entire projects rely on these units to perform structurally, mechanically, and functionally.

CICB Crane Inspections

With over 50 years of work history, CICB’s true third party Crane Inspections are the most comprehensive evaluations and crane inspections in the lifting industry. 

Depending on the governing bodies of our customers’ material handling and lifting equipment, our inspectors, who are employees of Crane Inspection & Certification Bureau (CICB), are all trained, competent, qualified NCCCO Certified, and accredited for inspecting cranes of all types including Mobile, Gantry, Tower, Pedestal, Jib, and Overhead Cranes/Hoists, Winches, Rigging, Aerial Lifts, Forklifts, and Earth moving equipment to any standards or corporate policies and procedures.

These include OSHA, ANSI/ASME, CMAA, USACE 385-1-1, AFOSH, NAVFAC P-307, DOE, DOD, API, Loler, and BS7121 Standards and Laws for its annual inspections. CICB is accredited by OSHA in 29CFR Part 1919 for providing Maritime Annual and Quadrennial crane and rigging gear inspections, for those cranes used to load and off load goods for sale in commerce.

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    OSHA—US Dept. of Labor 29 CFR Maritime Crane and Gear Certification

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    Customer Logos (5)

    USACE 385-1-1 | AFMAN | NAVFAC P-307

Benefits of crane, rigging, and other lifting equipment inspections:

  • Increased Reliability of Equipment
  • Achieve Regulatory Compliance & Best Industry Practices
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Accidents, Injuries, and Deaths
  • Reduce Risk
  • Increase the Bottom Line on Projects
  • Assists in Lowering your EMR and Insurance Premiums
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    Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

    Personnel lifting systems, etc.

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    Reach stacker forklifts, top pick forklifts, etc.

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    Overhead Cranes

    Hoists, gantry cranes, etc.

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    Pedestal Cranes

    Marine & ship cranes, container cranes, ship-to-shore cranes, etc.

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    Rigging hardware, spreader bars and beams, over-height gear, winches, come-a-longs, etc.

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    Mobile Cranes

    Boom Trucks, Lattice Boom Crawlers, Fixed-Cab, Swing-Cab, etc. 

  • Bucket Trucks

    Bucket Trucks


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    Tower Cranes


CICB Crane Inspections

CICB Crane Inspections Feature:

  • True Third Party, Unbiased Evaluations
  • Exit Closing Conference with Customer
  • Letter of Acknowledgment with Applicable Regulations and Standards
  • Deficiency/Recommendation Form (if applicable)
  • Load Testing (if applicable)
CICB Crane Inspections

Frequencies Available:

  • Annual
  • Quadrennial
  • Monthly
  • Semi-Annual
  • Quarterly
  • Daily
  • Weekly

Certification and Accreditation for Inspections


OSHA—US Dept. of Labor 29 CFR Maritime Crane and Gear Certification


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