Compliance Evaluations

In response to the material handling industry’s need for tools to reduce exposure to risk, accidents, and liability.

A six-part consultative process designed to align your lifting program with regulatory mandates and industry best-practice. Guarantee compliance, excellence and safe practice across your program.

CICB Compliance Evaluations - guarantee OSHA compliance

Our unique five-point evaluation system will identify any possible problem areas and suggest feasible solutions to correct it.

Your pre-OSHA Compliance Evaluation

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    1 Your Policies

    We will evaluate your documented lifting policies.

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    2 Your Procedures

    We will evaluate how in line with your policies you procedures actually are.

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    3 Your Paperwork

    We will evaluate how consistent, compliant and up-to-date your paperwork is.

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    4 Your Personnel

    We will evaluate the actions of your lifting personnel.

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    5 Your Platforms

    We will evaluate and inspect the condition of your lifting equipment.

CICB’s experienced team examines your entire material handling operation from an independent, third-party viewpoint. This will include:

  • Evaluating each individual’s qualifications
  • Inspecting the mechanical condition of equipment
  • Reviewing OSHA & ANSI/ASME required record keeping and documentation
  • Inspecting rigging equipment & assessing rigging practices of all personnel involved
  • Verifying safety compliance of equipment
  • Assessing first-line supervision qualification
  • Analyzing operating manuals, material handling policies and procedures

Step 1

CICB Compliance Evaluations - guarantee OSHA compliance

An Initial Assessment

  • A certified CICB consultant will arrange a half-day visit to your facility.
  • The consultant will run through CICB’s unique, 5-point evaluation.

step 2

CICB Compliance Evaluations - guarantee OSHA compliance

A Peer-Checked Review

  • The consultant will analyze the results of the evaluation with CICB’s expert team.
  • The evaluation will be compiled into a measurable action-plan.

Step 3

CICB Compliance Evaluations - guarantee OSHA compliance

An Online Consultation

  • Members of the CICB team will present their findings during a one-hour video call with your senior stakeholders.
  • The presentation will include a plan for a thorough assessment of your facility.

Step 4

CICB Compliance Evaluations - guarantee OSHA compliance

In-Depth Assessment

  • At your request, CICB will send a team to perform a 1-2 week comprehensive assessment of your lifting operations.

Step 5

CICB Compliance Evaluations - guarantee OSHA compliance

Team Analysis of Results

  • The findings will be compiled into a digestible, actionable plan to improve the safety, efficiency and compliance of your lifting program.

Step 6

CICB Compliance Evaluations - guarantee OSHA compliance

Presentation of Findings and an Action Plan

  • These findings will be presented either in person or through video call, at your request.

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