Standards & Regulations

Lifting and rigging equipment and operations are governed by an extensive range of standards and regulations. Each is listed below. For the most common, there are links to the text (or source) as well as subject-matter expert interpretation and explanation.

Often, a job will be covered by more than one ruling. More than likely, it will be covered by four:

  • An OSHA regulation
  • An ANSI standard
  • A manufacturer’s instruction
  • Company policy

It is unlikely that the rulings will contradict each other – in fact, very often OSHA will incorporate an ANSI/ASME Standard into its Regulation. However, the guidance is clear: whenever more than one ruling applies, always chose the strictest of the options.

CICB's list of all lifting standards and regulations

Which Industry Rules Apply?

Find out whether Construction, General Industry or Maritime regulations apply to your lift.

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