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The world-class education, expertise, and services we provide our clients make the places where humans and lifting equipment interact safer. Our belief in educating those beyond equipment operators and offering support services is what gives our clients a premium level of protection, and is what made us the oldest, largest, and most experienced company in the industry.

The CICB team

Meet Your U.S. Instructors

  • Featured image of Aaron Conrad

    Aaron Conrad

    Sr. Instructor and Inspector

    Aaron Conrad is a Senior Instructor/Inspector at CICB. He teaches students how to operate cranes and lifting equipment in a safe manner. One of his biggest accomplishments is becoming a certified Load Test Director per the NAVFAC P-307. Aaron's goal as an instructor is to teach his students safe practices and keep them safe after they complete his course.
  • Featured image of Albert Gonzalez

    Albert Gonzalez

    Instructor and Inspector

    Albert Zaid Gonzalez is an Instructor and Inspector with CICB. He facilitates information to ensure safe crane operations and inspections. Albert is a former teacher who moved to the oil field to become an operator. 
  • Featured image of Austin McCain

    Austin McCain

    Instructor and Inspector

    Austin McCain is an Instructor and Inspector at CICB. He leverages his experience to teach students safe crane operations, inspections, and rigging. Austin served for eight years in the United States Navy. He enjoys working on engines during his time off, of which his favorite was restoring a 1979 Chevrolet K10. Austin enjoys the strong teamwork and camaraderie at CICB. He also enjoys being able to travel and working in AC.

  • Featured image of Eric Green

    Eric Green

    Instructor and Inspector

    Eric Green is an Instructor and Inspector at CICB. He assists his students with learning overhead crane operation and rigging. He enjoys working at CICB, for the team members have welcomed him in a family-like atmosphere. Eric's goal is to train personnel in safe operation and rigging practices, and also to eliminate bad habits that may have developed over time.
  • Featured image of Jarad Borowicz

    Jarad Borowicz

    Instructor and Inspector

    Jarad Borowicz is an inspector and instructor at CICB. He trains students on how to operate cranes to the latest safety standards. Jarad started scuba diving with his father when he was 12. He has even dived cageless with sharks. He enjoys the opportunities for self-improvement at CICB. He also enjoys the work culture at CICB, where he feels valued as a person, is rewarded for his accomplishments, and his colleagues are always willing to help each other. 
  • Featured image of Jason Fancher

    Jason Fancher

    Sr. Instructor and Inspector

    Jason Alexander Fancher is a Senior Instructor and Inspector. Here at CICB, he teaches crane operators. One of Jason's accomplishments is that he retired from the military. During his time in the military, he learned that he enjoys teaching. By working at CICB, he is able to continue enjoying his passion.
  • Featured image of Jeff Palacios

    Jeff Palacios

    Sr. Instructor and Inspector

    Jeff Palacios is a Senior Instructor and Inspector at CICB. After having attended CICB classes for 4 years, he decided to use his past experiences along with his teaching and coaching background to educate and inform our students. Jeff graduated from Texas A&M University-Kingsville with a degree in Kinesiology and has over 18 years of experience in HSE and rigging operations. His goal is to create a safer working environment and culture by making sure all his students have all the necessary and critical information to make important decisions on the job site.

  • Featured image of Jerry Longtin

    Jerry Longtin

    General Manager, Project Operations | Sr. Instructor/Inspector

    Jerry Longtin is the General Manager, Project Operations, and Senior Instructor/Inspector at CICB. He is a crane and hoist safety consultant. Jerry completed his bachelor's degree in business while working full-time at CICB. He enjoys his job and believes "if you enjoy what you do for work, you won't have to work a day in your life."
  • Featured image of John O'Connor

    John O'Connor

    Houston Operations Manager | Career School Director | Sr. Instructor/Inspector

     John O’Connor is the Houston Operations Manager, Career School Director, and Senior Instructor/Inspector. He has been with CICB for 15 years; he was with an overhead crane company before starting his career with CICB. John is a native Texan and has been married to his wife, Kim, for 32 years. They have four children and seven grandchildren. He enjoys working with people from different professions- while training students, he learns about their jobs and can sometimes use that information to improve classroom training for others. 

  • Featured image of Jordan B.

    Jordan B.

    Instructor and Inspector

    Jordan is an Instructor/Inspector at CICB. His job is to instruct students in crane operation, inspection, as well as rigging usage and inspection. Jordan has worked in the trades for 18 years across multiple fields. His goal at CICB is to assist others in being the absolute best operators, inspectors, riggers, and trainers possible.

  • Featured image of Kendall Eacho

    Kendall Eacho

    Instructor and Inspector

    Kendall Lee Eacho is an Instructor and Inspector. Here at CICB, he teaches safe operation of cranes. Kendall has recently retired from the Navy after serving for 15 years. During his time in the military, he was an instructor for 8 years. Kendall is thankful to continue his education path, for he loves seeing the "aha!" factor in his students.

  • Featured image of Kenny Simmons

    Kenny Simmons

    Instructor, Inspector, and Training Program Coordinator

    Kenny is an Instructor, Inspector, and Training Program Coordinator at CICB. He explains safety codes and standards, then relates them to the day to day work of crane and rigging professionals. With a little drive and coaching from CICB, Kenny was able to go from knowing very little about the lifting industry, to being nationally certified on seven different lifting specialties in under a year. By relating standards and safety codes into every day scenarios in the lifting industry, Kenny hopes to improve the safety and knowledge of crane and rigging professionals.
  • Featured image of Larry Kime

    Larry Kime

    Sr. Instructor and Inspector | Technical Advisor

    Larry Kime is a Senior Instructor/Inspector and Technical Advisor at CICB. He makes sure everyone's jobs are safer through education and analysis. Larry served in the Air Force for 21 years. He enjoys the inviting atmosphere at CICB, and genuinely looks forward to going to work each day.
  • Featured image of Sean Starkey

    Sean Starkey

    Instructor and Inspector

    Sean Starkey is an Instructor/Inspector at CICB. He teaches people how to become riggers, crane operators, and inspectors. Sean was a singer and guitarist in a rock band for ten years. He likes working at CICB, for he enjoys helping students achieve their career goal with the training he provides.
  • Featured image of Trent Burns

    Trent Burns

    Sr. Instructor and Inspector

    Trent Burns is a Senior Instructor and Inspector. Here at CICB, he leads multiple training courses for the company, both at CICB locations and at customer locations. He also provides inspections for cranes and other equipment worldwide. Trent has worked in the lifting industry his entire adult life, starting right after high school. He has had the opportunity to work with a few incredible companies on some awesome projects- his roles have varied from operator/rigger, trainer, and even safety director. His goal is to see the lifting industry trained more thoroughly and held to a higher level than it currently is in most areas. He strives to give everyone the information and knowledge that they need to successfully complete their jobs and go home safely everyday. 

Meet Your Latin America Instructors

  • Featured image of Elizaberths Gutierrez

    Elizaberths Gutierrez

    Instructor and Inspector at SPECPRO

    Elizaberths is an Instructor and Inspector, and has been an Electronic Engineer since 1997. He has worked in companies dedicated to engineering and construction projects in the areas of telecommunications, electricity, hydrocarbons and mining. Elizaberths is also skilled in performing inspections of various lifting equipment and training and certifying operators and cranes. He also holds a certification for Visual NDT Methods and Magnetic Particles.

  • Featured image of Rolando Loayza

    Rolando Loayza

    Instructor and Inspector at SPECPRO

    Rolando is an Oil and Natural Gas Engineer Instructor and Inspector at CICB Latin America. He carries out inspections of cranes and machinery, and evaluates operator and quantity surveyor personnel respectively. Rolando is highly experienced in the areas of mining, industrial and petroleum.

  • Featured image of Martin Aldana

    Martin Aldana

    Instructor and Inspector at SPECPRO

    Martin is an Automotive Technician with more than 20 years of experience as an instructor and inspector. He is experienced with supervision and safety training, specializing in load lifting maneuvers with cranes, mining and construction.

  • Featured image of German Varela

    German Varela

    Instructor and Inspector

  • Featured image of Julio Somoano

    Julio Somoano

    Instructor and Inspector

  • Featured image of Angel Rodriguez

    Angel Rodriguez

    Instructor and Inspector

  • Featured image of Eduardo Albarnza

    Eduardo Albarnza

    Instructor and Inspector at SPECPRO

    Eduardo is a Mechanical Engineering Technician with experience as an instructor/inspector. He teaches supervision and safety training, specializing in load lifting maneuvers with cranes, mining, and construction with more than 15 years of experience.

  • Featured image of Fabiana Ovalles Rojo

    Fabiana Ovalles Rojo

    Instructor and Inspector

  • Featured image of Martin Gonzales

    Martin Gonzales

    Instructor and Inspector

  • Featured image of Gustavo Lopez

    Gustavo Lopez

    Instructor and Inspector at SPECPRO

    Gustavo is a specialist in inspection control of crane equipment, lifting elements and mechanical components. He is also an examiner of riggers and operators and is a Level II Supervisor specialist in non-destructive testing.

  • Featured image of Alex Mendoza

    Alex Mendoza

    Instructor and Inspector

  • Featured image of Alexander Ollarves

    Alexander Ollarves

    Instructor and Inspector

  • Featured image of Eduardo Gil

    Eduardo Gil

    Instructor and Inspector

  • Featured image of Jairo Rueda

    Jairo Rueda

    Instructor and Inspector

  • Featured image of Jose Cedeño

    Jose Cedeño

    Instructor and Inspector

  • Featured image of Jonathan Bailey

    Jonathan Bailey

    Instructor and Inspector

  • Featured image of Roy Bester

    Roy Bester


Meet Your West Africa Instructors

  • Featured image of Stephen Owusu Appiah

    Stephen Owusu Appiah

    Instructor and Inspector

    Stephen Owusu Appiah is the Senior Instructor and Inspector at Pasico Ghana Ltd. He is also a trained Mechanical Engineer. Stephen thrives on imparting his knowledge on the safe operation of equipment. Preventing job site accidents and incidents is Stephen’s passion.

  • Featured image of Sydney Tagoe

    Sydney Tagoe

    Instructor and Technical Advisor

    Sydney Tagoe is an Inspector and Technical Advisor. He is also a Mechanical Engineer Graduate. Sydney makes sure everyone’s jobs are safer through education and analysis of potential safety issues. He enjoys his role because of the healthy working environment it offers. Sydney feels that every day is a new challenge, and this helps keep you on your toes!

  • Featured image of Livingstone Korley

    Livingstone Korley

    Instructor and Inspector

    Livingstone Korley is an Instructor and Inspector at Pasico Ghana Ltd. Livingstone is also a Mechanical Engineering Graduate. Learning and training people on safe operations brings Livingstone joy!

  • Featured image of Alban Venyellu

    Alban Venyellu

    Service Engineer

    Alban Venyellu is a Service Engineer at Pasico Ghana Ltd.  He has been with the company for over 10 years. Ablan enjoys diagnosing complicated issues on lifting equipment so that broken machines can get fixed as soon as possible and get back on track. 

Meet Your U.S. Support Team

  • Featured image of Allison Durham

    Allison Durham

    Sales & Operations Administrator

    Allison Durham is a Sales & Operations Administrator at CICB. She works with Safety Managers who find themselves worried about OSHA compliance, wanting to improve worker skills and productivity, and concerned about potential accidents. Growing up in a small town in South Georgia, Allison loves the diversity and excitement of Orlando, FL. In her off time, you can find her at the Walt Disney World Parks with her husband or cuddled up with her two cats. After graduating from the College of Coastal Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, Allison's goal is to ensure her clients receive five-star customer service throughout the training process.
  • Featured image of Camille Singletary

    Camille Singletary

    Open Enrollment Manager

    Camille Singletary is the Open Enrollment Manager of CICB. She assists companies and individuals with safety training, and ensures they leave with proper trainings and information. In the past, Camille was an Assistant Director of an adult continuing education program. Her goal at CICB is to make sure everyone gets home safely to their families.
  • Featured image of Emelia Welsh

    Emelia Welsh

    Houston Office Manager

    Emelia is the Houston Office Manager, where she is the worker of many hats. Outside of work, she enjoys food trips & adventures. Emelia enjoys working at CICB, for there is nothing like having a second family and home.
  • Featured image of Erika Colón

    Erika Colón

    Billing Coordinator

    Erika Colón is a Billing Coordinator at CICB. She keeps essential billing information organized. She is skilled in accounting with over eight years of experience in the field. Erika enjoys learning about the lifting industry while elevating her career with CICB.

  • Featured image of Karla Cirizola

    Karla Cirizola

    Director of Operations

    Karla H. Cirizola is the Director of Operations. Overseeing all of the departments, she is the nucleus of CICB. Karla began her career at CICB over 23 years ago as a secretary, and continued to learn the business, which brought her to her current job function as Director of Operations. With her years of experience, her goal is to continue to pass on her knowledge and expertise to the next generation of CICB team members.
  • Featured image of Kristina Wamsley

    Kristina Wamsley

    Logistics Specialist

    Kristina Wamsley is the Logistics Specialist of CICB. Like the tooth fairy, she's the office fairy whom you don't see, but keeps the goods stocked and shipments sent. She is a previous co-chair person on the Kissimmee police department's task force against domestic violence. Due to this, she has many volunteer awards and has been featured in the newspapers on her teams accomplishments and undying efforts to bring an end to violence and justice to those deserving.
  • Featured image of Kurt Kalousek

    Kurt Kalousek

    Account Manager

    Kurt is an Outside Sales Account Manager at CICB. He brings the industry knowledge that CICB is keen to share out into the field to meet face-to-face with companies that desire training. He previously worked as an Advertising Copywriter, turning abstract concepts into targeted and compelling messaging for companies. His first goal, above all else, is to ensure that the heavy equipment industry is aware of what is necessary to do their jobs safely and compliantly.
  • Featured image of Marla Williams

    Marla Williams

    Business Development, Houston Operations

    Marla Williams oversees Business Development for our Houston Region's Operations. She speaks with and educates our customers regarding their training needs to ensure a safe work environment for all. Previously, she and her husband started a successful training/testing company for crane operators. Prior to that, she worked in the dental field for 20 years. By educating our customers, her goal is to provide the best training options for a safer working environment.
  • Featured image of Maru Pabon

    Maru Pabon

    Account Manager

    Maru Pabon is an Account Manager at CICB. She builds relationships with clients and schedules courses to fit their business needs. She enjoys working at CICB, for she feels like her coworkers are her second family. Maru is a Venezuelan immigrant who moved to the United States three years ago to build a future for herself and her son. Her goal is to continue growing within the company and learning as much information as possible.
  • Featured image of Melanie Velez

    Melanie Velez

    Account Manager

    Melanie Velez is an Account Manager for CICB. She works with clients to develop custom training programs that fit their unique needs. Her clients are grateful for her guidance in improving efficiency and OSHA compliance. She's a proud mother and wife who loves basketball and quality time with her family. She loves working at CICB because she feels aligned with the work culture, values, and company mission.
  • Featured image of Oscar Esparza

    Oscar Esparza

    Director of Sales

    Oscar Esparza is the Director of Sales at CICB. He provides consulting to corporations as a safety advisor, helping them with training, best practices, and recommendations to help improve efficiency and be OSHA compliant. He is proud to be a father of four successful daughters, and he has worked with some of the best companies in the industries he has been involved with. He is proud to work at CICB, for he works with an amazing team of professionals. They are not only the best in the industry, but also a pleasure to work with.
  • Featured image of Pedro Torres

    Pedro Torres

    IT Manager | Applications Specialist

    Pedro Torres is the IT Manager and Applications Specialist for CICB. He is responsible for the entire technological infrastructure of CICB. In a past job, he was able to increase the productivity of an operation by 400% without incurring an additional cost to the company. Pedro's favorite part about working at CICB is the culture of the workplace; he recognizes that all employees are dedicated to ensuring students receive the best experience possible.
  • Featured image of Rich Scholz

    Rich Scholz

    Account Manager

    Rich Scholz is an Account Manager for CICB. He educates our clients on the most current standards and regulations to help them make an informed decision on their training and consulting needs. He enjoys working for CICB, for he likes interacting with his clients and assisting them with their company training.
  • Featured image of Rochelle Fernandez

    Rochelle Fernandez

    Sales Coordinator

    Rochelle Fernandez is a Sales Coordinator at CICB, where she assists the sales team and provides information to clients. She is a big fan of football and monster trucks, and every year, she looks forward to attending Monster Jam with her husband. Rochell appreciates the friendly, team-oriented atmosphere at CICB.

  • Featured image of Stephanie Borrero

    Stephanie Borrero

    Project Coordinator

    Stephanie is a Project Coordinator at CICB, where she coordinates the successful execution of training and inspections. Stephanie loves the outdoors and spends her free time kayaking, fishing, and camping. She likes working at CICB, for she enjoys the family-like environment of the company.
  • Featured image of Takeshia Kotee

    Takeshia Kotee

    Administrative Assistant

    Takeshia Kotee is an Administrative Assistant at CICB. She helps the team accomplish essential administrative tasks. As the first person students at the Houston office see, she enjoys setting the tone with her joyful attitude. Takeshia is the mother of a proud soccer family and enjoys spending quality time with her husband and kids. She enjoys working at CICB because of the family atmosphere.

  • Featured image of Venssen Soto

    Venssen Soto

    Marketing Manager

    Venssen Soto is a Marketing Manager at CICB. He oversees and plans marketing strategies for CICB, as well as creates educational content to share with readers and viewers. Vens has received two bachelor's degrees, one in marketing and another in architectural design. He appreciates the culture of integrity and collaboration at CICB.

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