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Crane & Lifting Industry Since 1969

Available on-site at your location, at our facilities in Houston, Orlando, and Phoenix, and at various locations throughout the United States and the world.

CICB's world class training for the crane and rigging industry

Training Courses Available:

  • CCO-min

    CCO Certifications

  • crane-operator-training

    Crane Operator Training

  • Overhead CraneHoist and Rigging Inspector-1

    Overhead Crane Training

  • rigger-training-social

    Rigger Training

  • Crane Inspector Training

    Crane Inspector Training

  • train the crane trainer

    Train the Trainer

  • crane and rigging safety awareness

    Crane Supervisor Training

  • spanish crane training classroom

    Spanish Crane Training

Designed to Deliver Solutions

We help you solve real-time maintenance and operations problems and situations in construction, operations, and maintenance environments. At your request, any of our programs will be customized to meet requirements for your company policies and safety standards and/or use of specific lifting equipment, job tasks or personnel. Many programs are also offered in Spanish.

Choose from more than 50 Crane and Lifting Industry Safety Training Programs for a comprehensive description of the Program and the benefits to you. Scheduled Training dates and locations are included on each individual program description page.

Additional Services

  • CICB's Operational Supervision

    Operational Supervision

    CICB's Operational Supervision

    Global deployment of an expert team to oversee procedures and ratify their execution.

  • CICB's Compliance Evaluations

    Compliance Evaluations

    CICB's Compliance Evaluations

    Align your lifting program with regulatory mandates and industry best practice.

  • CICB Personnel Evaluations

    Personnel Evaluations

    CICB Personnel Evaluations

    Guarantee OSHA compliance through independent evaluation of personnel

  • CICB Legal Support

    Legal Support

    CICB Legal Support

    Engage subject-matter expert help when intervention is required post-accident.

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