Train the Trainer - Pedestal Crane Operator

Training Highlights

  • Length: 3 Days
  • Regulations: Meets applicable OSHA & ANSI/ASME standards (see below)

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The Pedestal Crane Operator Train the Trainer programs couple technical knowledge with in-class adult learning principles and participant-centered training techniques. Not only the type of material is to be transferred to the candidate, but how that information will be delivered by the trainer. When completed, the trainers will have an understanding on “how” to develop and deliver a training program which can be quickly put to use.

The use of pedestal cranes presents a different set of skills than many other types of cranes. The working environment is not that of land-based cranes and the regulations and standards are not the same either. Operator requirements vary from the General Industry, Maritime, or API work environments, which require the use of different standards.

The trainers will provide information to all personnel associated with the operations, supervision maintenance and management of a pedestal crane which will enhance their role in the safe operations of pedestal crane cranes. Completion of this course will give personnel in attendance more technical knowledge which can be used in actual practical application for safer operational activities.

Our Train the Trainer courses are fully customizable, and we can add additional days to your program, to ensure your needs are fully met.

Major program topics include:

  • Participant Centered Training Techniques
  • Adult Learning Principals
  • Developing Course Objectives
  • Developing a Course Outline
  • Developing a Course Instructor Guide
  • Learn How to Draft a Written Test and a Practical Evaluation
  • Use of Training Tools Such as Power Point, Hands on Training, Quizzes or Exercises, Photos or Props
  • Review Applicable Safety Codes and Standards

Standards & Regulations

OSHA Regulations

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