Mobile Crane Operator Training

Training Highlights

  • Length: 5 or 10 days
  • Equipment: Fixed Cab, Swing Cab, and Lattice Boom Crawler
  • Regulations: Meets applicable OSHA & ANSI/ASME standards (see below)


Location Enrollment Start Date End Date
Orlando, FL Open 06/03/2024 06/07/2024
Houston, TX Open 06/17/2024 06/21/2024
Columbus, OH Open 07/22/2024 07/26/2024
Houston, TX Open 08/05/2024 08/09/2024
Houston, TX Open 08/12/2024 08/16/2024
Orlando, FL Open 08/19/2024 08/23/2024
Houston, TX Open 09/23/2024 09/27/2024
Orlando, FL Open 10/07/2024 10/11/2024
Houston, TX Open 11/04/2024 11/08/2024
Houston, TX Open 11/11/2024 11/15/2024
Orlando, FL Open 12/02/2024 12/06/2024
Houston, TX Open 12/09/2024 12/13/2024
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Ensuring your operators work safely, efficiently, and in compliance with legal requirements is vital in all industries utilizing mobile cranes. CICB is committed to delivering world-class education and expertise. We offer comprehensive mobile crane operator training to prepare your team for the challenges they will face in their day-to-day operations. 

Our Comprehensive Mobile Crane Operator Course

Whether your workers have decades of experience on the job or they've just joined your team, enrolling them in our training program is a great way to solidify their skills. CICB offers informative courses to give your operators the knowledge and skills required to perform various tasks while upholding unrivaled productivity and safety levels. These classes are run by certified professionals and designed to fulfill stringent standards set by organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). With their expertise, they can personalize courses to fit everyone's needs, ensuring each class is relevant to each attendee. 

Whether you're working with lattice boom truck cranes, small telescopic fixed-cab boom cranes, or lattice boom crawler cranes, our experts have the expertise to instruct your team on proper site preparation, operational tasks, technical knowledge, load chart interpretation and much more. We provide enrolled operators with a training manual, as well as supplemental materials for convenient reference.

Our mobile crane operator courses vary in length and focus and provide the ideal balance between classroom and in-field learning. Some of the subjects we cover include: 

  • Hand and voice signals 
  • Operator responsibilities 
  • Lift planning and weight load verification
  • Proper crane set-up
  • Safety standards 
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Load control

Types of Cranes Covered:

  • Swing Cab Telescopic Cranes
  • Fixed Cab Telescopic Cranes

Advantages of Investing in Training

Cranes are intricate machines requiring a specific skillset to use correctly. At CICB, we offer access to our in-person training centers at various locations around the country, making it easy to receive the best mobile crane operator training no matter where you are. We believe in creating informative, educational experiences to help you reap the rewards of training, including: 

  • Improve site safety: Empowering your operators with dependable knowledge and skills supports your efforts to create a secure and accident-free worksite. Your team will better understand what they should and should not do while also knowing how best to handle certain situations to decrease injuries and mistakes. 
  • Boost operator efficiency: Knowing how to properly use a crane and the safety practices that accompany it allows operators to work quickly. The more they know about controls, safety, maintenance and overall use, the more they can get out of the machines they use. 
  • Extend equipment life: Training gives workers the knowledge required to keep their tools in top condition. When they understand the machinery and how to implement sound maintenance practices, operators are much more likely to treat your cranes with the care and caution they require. 

Count on CICB to Provide an Exceptional Learning Experience 

Choosing CICB for mobile crane operator training helps you streamline all your projects. With our more than 50 years of experience as the leading provider of unmatched mobile crane operator training, you know your operators are in good hands when they enroll with CICB. We're a veteran-owned and -run organization, driven by a dedication to seeing your operators and business excel and committed to providing the utmost care and attention in our training programs. 

With our team of top-tier instructors at your disposal, your team will gain a lasting partner dedicated to helping you create safe and productive work environments. We're an expert team in the crane and lifting industry, positioning us as the best organization to help you achieve the following benefits: 

  • Lower maintenance costs 
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Improved safety and protection 
  • Enhanced operator skillset

Pursue Top-Tier Mobile Crane Operator Training Worldwide

CICB is in the business of improving safety, solely focused on developing beneficial educational experiences. Our programs are fully customizable, which allows us to cater to the specific needs of all our clients, regardless of company size or industry. We work out of various training centers to make receiving the best mobile crane operator training easy, no matter where you're located. 

Contact us or call today to enroll your operators or learn more about our world-renowned training programs.


You will Benefit from Learning About:

  • Operator Requirements and Responsibilities
  • Effective Communications among Lifting Personnel
  • Proper Use of Hand and Voice Signals
  • Applicable OSHA & ANSI/ASME Safety Standards
  • Safe, Effective and Efficient Operating Techniques
  • Proper Crane Set-up
  • Evaluating and Applying Site Conditions
  • Dangers of Power Lines
  • Equipment Overload, Shock Loading
  • Two-Blocking
  • Supporting Surface Requirements
  • Load Chart Interpretations and Applications
  • Lift Planning & Verifying the Weight of the Load
  • Load Control
  • Use of Operator Aids
  • Basic Rigging Principles
  • Determining Center of Gravity
  • Sling Selection, Inspection and Sling Angles
  • Wire Rope Construction and Inspection
  • Hitch Selection and Applications
  • Pre-Operation & Post Operation Inspections
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Minimizing the Opportunity for Accidents


This Course Was Developed Using the Standards Below:

(Standards are not always requirements in the way that regulations are)

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