Earthmoving Heavy Equipment Operator

Training Highlights

  • Length: 3-5 Days
  • Equipment: Training will be on-site at your location with your equipment
  • Regulations: Meets applicable OSHA & ANSI/ASME standards (see below)

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The Earthmoving Heavy Equipment Operator course is a customized equipment fundamentals and safety program that is directed to the specific equipment used by the Earthmoving Heavy Equipment operators.

The objective of this training program is to prepare the students with the necessary fundamentals for safety in all aspects of equipment operations and procedures. Each Earthmoving Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program is based on the latest equipment, specific OSHA & ANSI/ASME safety standards, and manufacturer’s instructions and requirements.

The information provided in the classroom is reinforced with hands-on application sessions at the customer’s site using their earth moving equipment. The duration of the program is three to five days, depending on the type of equipment used. All personnel attending this program will gain significant and useful skills and will leave with a stronger understanding and appreciation of the requirements and responsibilities of Heavy Equipment Operators.

Types of Heavy Equipment Covered:

  • Track and Rubber Tire Mounted Bulldozers
  • Self-Propelled Scrapers
  • Track and Wheel Mounted Front End Loaders
  • Excavators
  • Motor Graders
  • Ditchers and Trenchers
  • Combination Backhoe/Loaders
  • Sewer Pump Trucks

You will benefit from learning about:

  • Terminology, Definitions and Components
  • Applicable OSHA & ANSI/ASME Standards
  • Operator Qualifications, Responsibilities and Conduct Operating Controls
  • Machine Operating Characteristics
  • General Equipment Care and Maintenance
  • Safe Operating Practices
  • Operator Pre-Start/During/Post Inspections
  • Record Keeping Requirements
  • Standard Construction Methods
  • Reading Grade Stakes
  • The Importance of Warning and Danger Labels and Decals
  • Manufacturer’s Specifications

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