Navy NAVFAC P-307

Training Highlights

  • Length: This course is customizable
  • Equipment: Training will be on-site at your location with your equipment
  • Regulations: Meets NAVFAC P-307 requirements

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The CICB program for the NAVFAC P-307 Training has been developed with the objectives to assist US Naval and US Marine Corps personnel, contractors or management and employers to achieve and maintain compliance with this comprehensive standard. This publication provides the uniform Navy program for the management, maintenance, inspection, load testing, certification, repair, and operation of weight handling equipment (WHE) at Naval shore installations and Navy owned WHE at non-Navy installations. A thorough understanding of the publication will assist the user in understanding the requirements to evaluate that the equipment is safe to operate, that weight handling operations are conducted safely and efficiently, and that equipment service life is optimized.

CICB’s NAVFAC P-307 program lasts approximately four days and can be customized to meet the client’s needs. This course is recommended for anyone who works in and/or with the US Naval and US Marine Corps.

Types of Cranes Covered:

  • Category 1 Cranes
  • Category 2 Cranes
  • Category 3 Cranes
  • Category 4 Cranes

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You will benefit from learning about:

  • WHE Certification
  • Crane Alterations
  • Equipment History Files
  • Operator Licensing Program
  • Operator Qualification and Testing
  • Licensing Procedures and Documentation
  • Operator Checks
  • Operation Safety
  • Additional Requirements
  • Investigation and Reporting of Crane and Rigging Gear Accidents
  • Training and Qualification of Personnel
  • Rigging Gear and Miscellaneous Equipment Use
  • Rigging Gear and Miscellaneous Equipment Inspection

Standards & Regulations

OSHA Regulations

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