CCO Rigger Level I and II

Training Highlights

  • Length: Five Days
  • Regulations: Meets applicable OSHA & ANSI/ASME standards (see below)
Location Enrollment Start Date End Date
Houston, TX Open 06/10/2024 06/14/2024
Orlando, FL Open 06/17/2024 06/21/2024
Orlando, FL Open 08/12/2024 08/16/2024
Houston, TX Open 08/26/2024 08/30/2024
Houston, TX Open 10/07/2024 10/11/2024
Orlando, FL Open 10/14/2024 10/18/2024
Houston, TX Open 11/18/2024 11/22/2024
Orlando, FL Open 12/02/2024 12/06/2024
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CCO Rigger Level I and II Certification

Riggers play an essential role in lifting operations. They use the proper slings, shackles, and additional rigging hardware to attach loads to a crane's hook safely. You can find riggers anywhere lifting takes place, from recovering a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to suspending an Air Force jet engine for maintenance.

Companies that value well-trained rigging professionals on their teams have relied on CICB's industry-leading training for over half a century.

CCO Rigger I and II

This CCO preparatory training program prepares new and experienced riggers to pass the CCO Rigger I and II Written and Practical Exams. The benefit of attaining both is that riggers can work on various rigging tasks without supervision. 

To get your team to certification efficiently, we offer individual and combination courses, depending on existing experience and certification. Students benefit from taking CICB's practice tests during the training. These practice tests help our instructors see which study topics need extra attention. These tests then serve as the ultimate guides to ace the exam.

Here is some of the information your riggers will need to know to pass their exams:

  • Rigger Level I: To earn Level I certification, riggers must understand how to inspect rigging before use, recognize associated hazards, and have basic knowledge of hitch configurations, capacities, and basic knots. 
  • Rigger Level II: Along with knowing everything a Level I Rigger must know, Level II Riggers must be able to estimate the weight and the center of gravity, determine and select appropriate rigging for a load, understand load dynamics, and identify lift points.

Rigger Level I and II Training

When pursuing Level I and II certifications, your team receives information in the following areas:

CCO Rigger I Exams Test on the Following Domains:

  • The Written Exam Tests:
    • Scope of the Rigging Activity Domain
    • Identifying Rigging Components Domain
    • Technical Knowledge
    • Inspection
    • Execution of Rigging Activity
    • Basic Math Skills Necessary to Pass the Exams
  • The Practical Exam Tests:
    • Pre-Use Rigging Inspection
    • Rigging Hitches
    • Rigging Connections
    • Basic Knots

CCO Rigger II Exams Test on the Following Domains:

  • The Written Exam Tests:
    • Scope of the Rigging Activity Domain
    • Planning the Rigging Activity Domain
    • Selection of Rigging Components
    • Technical Knowledge
    • Inspection
    • Execution of Rigging Activity
    • Basic Math Skills Necessary to Pass the Exams
    • Various Multiple Choice Practice Tests for all Domains
  • The Practical Exam Tests:
    • Level Lift
    • Rigging Frame Rotation

Reach Out to CICB to Learn More

Training your employees to obtain Level I and II certifications is a wise investment that will lead to higher-quality work and lower-risk operating environments. 

CICB is dedicated to giving riggers operating across various applications access to reliable and informative instruction from industry experts. We leverage our years of experience to design personalized training experiences to improve rigger productivity while maintaining a high safety standard. 

We host training courses at facilities located around the United States, making it possible to enhance your chance at success no matter where you are located. Contact the CICB team online or call us to learn more about our support services.


Benefits of NCCCO Rigger Certification

CCO is a non-profit organization established in 1995 with the aim of developing high-performance standards across all uses of load-handling equipment. They have since become an industry leader in developing effective performance standards, providing reliable and fair assessments, and providing certifications for personnel working in and around load-handling equipment.

CCO-certified riggers offer businesses unrivaled benefits, from improved decision-making to accelerated project timelines. Implementing high-quality training standardizes your team's knowledge and equips riggers with the necessary skills and capabilities to enact a safe approach for every project. Advantages of training your operators for CCO include:


  • Fewer accidents
  • Greater project success
  • Minimized downtime
  • Reduced risk of loss


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