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  • 1.When should an upper limit switch be tested by the operator?

  • 2.What is the purpose of an equalizer sheave?

  • 3.What does "plugging" mean in relation to crane motion?

  • 4.What type of wire rope must be used if the crane/rope is exposed to temperatures of 200 or higher?

  • 5.How many wraps of rope must always remain on the drum per regulations?

  • 6.The hoisting motion of all electric traveling cranes shall be equipped with what?

  • 7.How many slings should be placed in a standard hook?

  • 8.What is the hand signal used for "magnet is disconnected"?

  • 9.What is the general industry OSHA regulation for overhead cranes?

  • 10.What function of an overhead crane must never be plugged?

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