Advanced Rigger

The following table shows the locations and dates of upcoming Scheduled Programs. Click on the class location or date to request a Registration Form for that class. See our complete list of all CICB Training Programs.

Scheduled Training Start Date End Date
Orlando Training Center3/2/20153/4/2015
Houston Training Center at Holt Crane and Equipment3/16/20153/18/2015
Houston Training Center at Holt Crane and Equipment8/31/20159/2/2015
Orlando Training Center9/28/20159/30/2015
Houston Training Center at Holt Crane and Equipment11/2/201511/4/2015

CICB’s Advanced Rigger Training program is specifically designed to upgrade the existing knowledge and skill levels of riggers who are well qualified in basic rigging skills. The pre-requisite requirements for this program are that candidates must either have passed CICB’s Basic Rigger program or possess documentation from a nationally accredited rigging program such as NCCCO’s Rigger Level I.

The objectives of this dynamic programs involve moving loads with non-traditional cranes, often times with space limitations. The course is heavy in math, lifting calculations and team exercises. The information provided in the classroom is reinforced with hands-on application sessions with rigging equipment at CICB’s Houston and Orlando training facilities or at your site. All personnel attending this three-day program will gain significant and useful rigging techniques and skills.

CICB’s Advanced Rigger program is particularly useful in industries with space limitation situations typically found in manufacturing, ship building and repair, machinery moving, and offshore drilling and production.
For on-site training at your facilities with your equipment, call us at 800.327.1386 or Find out more about on-site Advance Rigger training.

You will benefit from learning about:
  • Applicable OSHA & ASME Regulations and Standards
  • Proper Sling and Rigging Hardware Selections
  • Complex Math Applications
  • Load Turning
  • Using Come-a-Longs
  • Using Chain Falls
  • Winching and Drifting Loads
  • Load Control
  • Moving Loads Up and Down Ramps
  • Load Share on Multi-Crane Lifts
  • Selecting & Using Below the Hook Lifting Devices
  • Rigging Accidents – Causes and Prevention
  • Proper Crane Set-up

Call 800-327-1386 to learn more.


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