NCCCO Certifications

OSHA Deadlines

Have You Missed Anything? The Qualification and Certification requirements under the recently enacted 29 CFR Subpart CC Crane and Derrick standards have received a great deal of attention. Widely publicized are the following deadlines: All Crane Operators involved in construction must be Nationally Certified by November 10, 2014 All Riggers must be Trained and Qualified by November 8, 2010 All Signal Persons must be Trained and Designated as Qualified by November 8, 2010 Assembly/Dis...

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Crane Operator Certification

The New Crane Rule and Operator Certification The Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA requires employer to ensure that their crane operators are certified. Subpart CC of 29 CFR 1926, Cranes and Derricks in Construction mandates that the operator demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skill through both written and practical tests § 1926.1427 a . There have been many discussions in the industry recently about the new crane rule and the effect it might have on how operator...

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Color-Coded CCO Certification Cards

NCCCO Announces New Separate Color-Coded CCO Certification Cards Crane Operators, Riggers, Signalpersons, Crane Inspectors, Practical Examiners, and Auditors will now be issued separate color-coded CCO cards, according to the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators NCCCO . Previously, all certifications were listed on one card. The new cards will also reflect the full five-year certification period for each category. Previously, all certifications had a common expiration...

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Free Log Book for CCO-Certified Crane Operators

Log Book for Documenting Crane Experience The NCCCO is giving all newly CCO-certified crane operators a Crane Operator Experience Log Book. The book, which is free, is designed to provide operators with a convenient place to record their seat time and details of their crane experience. The use of this book is optional, but it may assist the operators in recording the 1,000 hours of crane experience required for recertification. The pocket-sized log book is helpful in the tracking of j...

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CCO Certification

Is a CCO Certification Mandatory for Crane Operators? The NCCCO was initially developed as a voluntary certification program. However, in 2010, Federal OSHA published new construction regulations requiring crane operator certification/qualification nationwide by November 10, 2014. Although the new rule does provide options, third-party certification, such as that provided by NCCCO, is likely to be the most cost-effective and accessible method used to meet the new requirements. Additionally, ...

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The NCCCO Approves the Use of Calculators on CCO Exams

Calculators on the CCO Exams? Basic electronic calculators will be permitted for use on certain CCO written exams, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators NCCCO has announced. Previously, calculators have been prohibited on all CCO tests. Effective July, 2, 2012, calculators can be used for CCO Specialty Exams. The NCCCO has concluded that a calculator would not help a candidate deduce the correct answer on the load chart questions since there are multiple pr...

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Tips from CICB on Passing the NCCCO Crane Operator Certification Written and Practical Exams

Tips from the Experts at CICB on Passing the NCCCO Crane Operator Certification Written and Practical Exams Due to the recently enacted OSHA crane standards, crane operators involved in construction will be required to be certified by November 10, 2014. Despite the 2014 crane operator certification deadline, both employers and operators should be pursuing certification now - early compliance with OSHA regulations is always the best choice. To pass the challenging written test and practic...

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