Wire Rope Inspections

WIRE ROPE Wire rope can contain hundreds of individual wires. When a wire rope bends, each of its many wires slide and adjust in the bend to accommodate the difference in length between the inside and outside bend. The sharper the bend, the greater movement, and the greater capacity for stress on the wire rope. Typical wire rope has three basic components: 1. The Wires, which form the stands and collectively provide the rope strength; 2. The Strands, which are helically around the core; and, 3. ...

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What You Should Know About Crane Inspections

What You Should Know About Crane Inspections When should your crane be inspected? When it is modified. Anytime a crane is modified, a Qualified Person must inspect the modification. After it has been assembled. After assembly is completed, the crane must be inspected by a Qualified Person . During a shift. Shift inspections must be performed by a Competent Person . Monthly. The monthly inspection is simply a documented shift inspection done by a Competent Person. The employer is responsible for ...

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Competent Person versus Qualified Person

Equipment Inspections Competent Person versus Qualified Person Governmental agencies like OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration are placing more stringent regulations on companies who utilize cranes and on equipment owners. Confusion regarding equipment inspections under the new OSHA rules 29 CFR Subpart CC Cranes and Derricks has resulted in Failure to perform annual inspections by a Qualified Person to be No. 4 on the Top Ten OSHA Crane Standards Cited. Only a Qualified Person wil...

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What are the Four Main Reasons for Audits/Inspections

WHAT ARE THE FOUR MAIN RESONS FOR AUDITS/INSPECTIONS What are the existing practices witnessed by the surveyor doing the audit? How are the operations of their cranes and their use of rigging? What is the last 24 months of accident reports look like? Can the operators read their load charts or capacity questions during inspections? Are the riggers able to answer questions about sling and shackle capacities when based on tension? What’s the status for training of personnel? Are there record...

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